Frequently asked questions

What is Virtual Posh Assistant?

We are a group of Work from home Virtual Assistants. We manage the sharing of your poshmark closet, we create new listings on poshmark, ebay, mercari and depop. We also do cross posting/ cross listing and graphic design work for our clients. We are 100% based in and work from the United States, we NEVER outsource, we oversee 100% of your shares and never hire from outside gig agencies.

Do you need my Log In Credentials to do my shares?

Yes, but we always keep your log in data confidential and is only shared with your assistant that oversees your shares

How do I know or track the shares I am getting from your service

All shares that are tracked are done so via the ACTIVITY ANALYSIS This area located within the Poshmark Ambassador tab. NOT the 30 day self share numbers because they are not always accurate and fluctuate (see below for an example)

How do I cancel my service or pause service?

We require that you allow us atleast 90 days in advance, failure to do so and your plan expiring or expected to be picked back up will not do so, no refunds will be given, no issuer disputes approved, please be aware of this as any dispute that is made we will submit this section as proof of your knowledge of our policies, procedures, no refund policy and cancellation process and by purchasing you acknowledge that you agree with and will adhere to all of our policies and procedures. If you do not allow us 90 days notice you will still be responsible for the full amount of the month regardless of the end date this is our cancellation fee and is equal to one month of service. Failure to pay without 90 day notice and non payment of cancellation fee WILL RESULT IN COLLECTIONS with interest until payment is made or arranged. Cancellations will be processed with 90 day notice is calculated by figuring prorated amount left of services days to the full amount of subscription and remainder is the fee for cancellation of subscription fee which is equal to the monthly package amount to close out your subscription. Cancellations are not made by simply not paying, we request you CONTACT us before cancelling, failure to do so will ban you from using our services in the future. No exceptions and we will pursue other methods to retrieve payment for services rendered. Additionally subscribers that have not given 90 days notice will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the rate of one months service (one week for weekly subscribers) When you cancel you will be billed for the equivalent to 90 days of service for your last billing statement, regardless off the date of cancellation and you will be charged the day you cancel not 90 days later, in order to close out your account We will email a formal cancellation request to you that is your choice for your files and can be filled out or services will continue and fees accrured. Should payment not be made we will send you a paper bill to pay within 90 days so we do not have to submit to collections. This is non negotiable.

Are there any non poshmark related reasons I am not being shared?

1) There may be occassions where we HAVE to update and upgrade our systems, just like you guys update or upgrade your computers. If we don't do it, then Microsoft will shut the laptops down and do it for us whether we like it or not. 2.)Internet is not fool proof, it is not without flaws, so of us live in rural areas and storms or accidents meet us with down lines or down service. Please know that no matter what, your monthly share counts will ALWAYS meet what you purchased. If you see that it has been a LONG time since your last share, please share your closet and let us know when you are finished and we will pick back up if we are able to at that time. This is not cause for refund, or credit 3.) If we notice that you are doing sharing we absolutely WILL stop self sharing your closet until you notify us that you are finished. We do this for a safety measure, posh wants you to share but oversharing only results in soft bans and throttles. Because we keep track of our self shares we know based on share counts if you have been or not, we keep our customers accounts safe, we have not had any customer that was following poshmarks rules get banned. You do not get banned for using a VA. 4) if you are participating in non compliant activity on the poshmark app. Communications with our staff can be done during normal VPA business hours and if outside of this time we will contact you during the next business day. Any abusive conversations will result in your account with us being canceled we have a zero tolerance policy to the "mean girl" mentality, there are no abusive conversations or language allowed. As much as we value our customers we also value and back up our team and will always do so. Their safety is important to us. We will not allow a customer to abuse them verbally via email or direct messages. You will be blocked from social media and from purchases in the future for abusive or slanderous posts, emails, or comments.

Who handles Customer Support?

Our customer service is done by one of our three company co owners or our amazing customer support specialists via email or instagram, during normal business hours. If you notice that your comment, questions or concerns have been marked as "seen" that does not mean a response will be immediately given if outside of customer service hours. We provide the absolute BEST customer support of ALL of the large VA companies out there, we pride ourselves on this, we strive to always grow and improve on this day by day.

I just purchased my plan on your website now what happens?

Once we are sent a payment confirmation from Stripe, a Welcome letter is generated and sent to you with instructions to get started. Welcome letters are sent from 2 hours to 8 hours after payment is processed initially after this you will be on auto pay until you cancel.