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Poshmark Tips and Tricks 2021 - Tips 3 & 4 out of 8


The best way to make sales on poshmark is of course the most obvious one, you need to list items on the app in order to make sales, after all isn’t that what you are there for. Whether you are clearing out your home of unwanted items to stop them from filling up landfills, or you are purchasing items to specifically to sell, you have to list items or they will never sell.

So it sounds so easy on the commercials for poshmark, and others make it seem easy peezy, but the reality is, being an online seller is difficult, you have to wear many hats, you have to be up to date on current trends and colors of the year, you have to understand how to source inventory correctly all while keeping your cost of goods low, and understanding who your customer or potential customer is, you have to understand how to market to the audience, you have to understand how potential buyers are going to find your items, you need to understand social media, you need to understand analytics and strategy as well as inventory control and supply and demand and lastly proper and productive shipping of your sold poshmark packages.

Sounds like a lot right, well it is, but you can do this. We will help you with this.

Listing on poshmark (and all platforms) it is important to understand that while it looks nice to have a pretty curated closet, that it is completely unnecessary to getting buyers to come to your closet. Buyers on poshmark are not scrolling away their days and nights on random closets just buying things willy nilly because they are looking at rainbow curated closets. They are getting on the poshmark app, they are typing what they are looking for in the search bar and click the search button, from there they are presented to the top 1000 (out of millions) of items that match that description. So how is it that they will find YOUR listing in the top 1000 listings on the search for that item they are looking for. The competition keeps getting larger and larger on the app by the day and ranking top 1000 out of 50 million plus sellers in the U.S. alone is so hard. To get these top spots we start with Listing, then Self Shares come next.

Listing to get high rank on searches in the poshmark app

The first and most important part of listing is Title Description of the items. If a buyer were looking for your favorite brand of jeans, we will use Levi’s and your favorite cut is 517, the bootcut, size 28.

If your description is “Size 28 women’s blue jeans” Or “Used Jeans” will your listing rank in the top 1000 listings of the search when they were looking for Women’s Levis 517 size 28, in fact they may never find your listing out of the 50 million listings and growing out there. So you will not make a sale. Again that is our whole reason for listing on selling apps right.

So rule #1 of listing, is get your Product Description so on point that it ranks better than your competitions.

I have found that creating a listing template in google docs (or notes on your phone) these are the fields I feel are best to add to your listing template

  1. Brand

  2. Size

  3. Style

  4. Color

  5. Keywords (very important)

  6. Measurements (the more measurements you can add, the better because some buyers will ask for them, even when they aren’t going to buy, these saves you wasted time in answering them before they are asked. Also some buyers will not buy unless you have measurements)

  7. Material content (i.e. cotton, linen, wool, etc)

  8. Condition / flaws (please disclose everything and be honest and truthful, also disclose if you are in a home with smoking (of ANY kind), and pets make sure that you inform potential buyers of pets because some people have extreme allergies and you will lose your case on poshmark for non disclosure and it hurts your account when you lose cases)

  9. Do not use Emojis in your listings, the reason is because it makes crosslisting more difficult and wastes time, but we will touch on crosslisting and diversification later in this series.


Once you have sourced your items (or you find items in your home you no longer want but want to make money from). You prepare them to be photographed and you edit your photos as we mentioned above by removing the background to help make your poshmark closet listings look consistent, clean and visually attractive to a buyer, now what? You upload your pics, use your listing template above and enter in all relevant information, you enter in the category, the quantity, if it is new or used, when you enter in all of that info you will need to know the pricing. When you have an item that is in excellent used condition (EUC) you need to find “comps” which means you search the app for the EXACT (or similar) to what you are selling and you filter all the previously SOLD listings (not the items that are up for sale now, but ones that have already sold) and this is how we come up with a good starting price for your items. Say your comps are 50.00 for the jeans we come up with average sale price being 50.00 so say some sold for 60.00 and some sold for 35.00 or 40.00. If your cost of goods for these jeans were 5.00 from a resell store and you know you can sell them for 50.00 a good starting price would be 60.00 why so high? Because you want to be able to leave wiggle room for offers to likers and offers from likers without just accepting any lowball offers. So when the time comes and you send out your offers to likers you will be able to determine how low you want to go from that 60.00 starting point. If you list for 60.00 and you want to send offers to likers discount at 10% that will bring the items sell price to 54.00, now if you want to offer a shipping discount that will again be taken from the price so if it is 54.00. So this is a breakdown of a 60.00 item will be after a 10% discount and shipping discounts.

60.00 Item Original Price

54.00 Cost of item after 10% discount

41.70 (amount you will make for the sale if you offer 1.50 discount on shipping minus poshmarks fees)

40.74 (amount you will make for the sale if you offer 2.46 discount on shipping minus poshmarks fees)

35.75 amount you will make for the sale if you offer Free Shipping discount on shipping minus poshmarks fees)

So if you were to offer 10% discount and give free shipping you make 35.75 from the pair of jeans that cost you 5.00 so you will have a profit of 30.75 Not too bad right.

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