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Poshmark Tips and Tricks 2021 - Tips 1 & 2 out of 8

First Impressions are EVERYTHING

  • Try to use the same background and hanger for your listings to create a cohesive look. The best way I have found in which to do this is to use a desktop or phone app that is called CANVA. You upload your photo and then when it is done loading, you will see "Effects" on the top (this is on the desktop page) and then you will see "background remover" click that and canva will remove the background for you, no clicking and dragging and changing brush sizes, its a very useful tool. You can sign up here and get free credit by clicking the VPA referral link here

  • When we say having the same background and consistent look that does not mean you need to go to the trouble of the "curated closet". This used to be the go to thing on poshmark but now as we are finding buyers on poshmark use keywords to search not scrolling endlessly.

  • Put extra effort into packaging and thank you notes to gain love notes to give buyers confidence (we provide Thank You notes in every one of our Big Boss Packages for self shares and follows. Each month you get 20 pretty polymailers, 20 thank you cards and 20 thank you stickers in addition to the brand nwt inventory we ship to you and of your 4000 daily shares as well, try it today by clicking here

  • Keep shipping time low, poshmark suggests 2 days but you do have up to 7 days to ship, but ask yourself if you would be ok with waiting the 7 days to get your package if you were the buyer and if you are ok waiting up to 10 days to get paid per item? Remember the faster you ship, the better you look and the faster you get paid.


  • Cover Shots: A lot of people will tell you to use Stock Photos, stock photos are frowned upon by poshmark because they can pose a copyright violation and you could be putting your account at risk of having moderator removed listings and copyright violations which result in your closet being suspended or shut down for good. There are a growing list of retailers who do not want their stock photos being used on resell platforms and will pursue you via posh or legally.

  • Take photos in square or 1:1 ratio

  • Use well-lit photos or edit them to brighten them up. You do not need a big bulky light kit set up but you DO need good professional looking light. This is the best most cost effective ring light we have found and we do occasionally do giveaways of these exact ring lights to our customers on

  • Use at least 8 photos per listing including: full front, full back, fabric tag, care tag, brand/ size tag, any details, and measurements

  • If you sign up above for the canva app, you can use any background you would like as long as it is a clean non cluttered background, you can hang a plain colored sheet or white butcher paper and have a command strip heavy duty hanger attached to the wall and then use the background remover tool and not worry about expensive backdrops and adding additional overhead to your cost of doing business. This is also perfect for poshers in small spaces that don't have more than a corner to work out of

There are more tips to come stay tuned ...........

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