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Poshmark: Expectations vs. Reality

What is Poshmark

It’s an app and website that allows you to buy and sell clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items directly from the platform. All you need is a phone to get started!

Thats what they tell you and it all sounds so easy, but when you delve into the app, it seems like so much more, but it doesn't need to be confusing.

So you got started when you saw a friend selling on poshmark or a commercial about selling and how "easy it was" or maybe you are a current online reseller that is selling on other platforms like Depop, Ebay, Mercari, Tradesy or Etsy even. So you think why not give it a try.

Then you get there and think WOW this is nothing like ebay what is the deal with this following and sharing and parties and commenting. So you go out searching for more info so that you can sell your wares on the app. You are rushed with youtube videos that are seeming to be marketed as helpful but really you find are created to push their own poshmark closets while adding in a dash of helpful tips for the app. Don't get me wrong there are some AMAZING youtube content creators that are so very helpful for new people getting started.

I would love to collaborate with other poshmark youtube users to promote (for free) their poshmark and online selling related youtube channels. If you are a current poshmark youtube content creator then please drop us a line and we will gladly promote your youtube channel for free no worries about paying for shout outs or testimonials like some bloggers do. We want to help out every posher out there.

So lets get back on topic.

Whether you are casually selling pre-loved clothes or creating your own boutique, there are tons of positives to selling on the platform.

  • Simple Listing Process: On Poshmark, you can list five items in the time it takes you to list one on alternative clothing markets, such as Mercari. The entire process is simple and streamlined.

  • Easy Shipping: The shipping process is a breeze. There is no need to calculate weight and shipping for clothes. Buyers on Poshmark are charged a flat fee for shipping. The platform provides a shipping label, and all you have to do is pack the items in a Priority Mail box and drop them off at the post office.

  • No Listing Fees: There are no listing fees on Poshmark, and you can start selling right away just by uploading images of your items and entering a description and price.

  • Large, Active Market: Poshmark has lots of buyers. The platform does a lot of advertising to drive people to their site. They also incentivize sellers to share more often, which means that a lot of people interested in fashion will open the app every single day, thus allowing your listed items to reach a much larger audience than they would if you listed them on a different platform, such as eBay.

It’s clear that selling on Poshmark comes with a lot of benefits. But, in order to make it really worth your while, make sure you have at least 30 items that you can list. Also, only sell new or like-new items and avoid selling anything that has rips, stains, or signs of wear and tear.

Drawbacks of Selling on Poshmark

As with most other things in life, there are two sides to this coin. Although this online marketplace comes with tons of benefits for those considering selling fashion online, it also has a few drawbacks:

  • High Fees: Poshmark takes a 20% chunk of every sale. This is nowhere near competitive when you consider that other platforms like Mercari and eBay charge 10% and 13% respectively.

However, the high seller fees are justified if you have well-performing listings. As many of the well-known brands and trends tend to go for higher rates on Poshmark’s market, it makes the high fees worth it.

  • Need to Be Active: In order to sell more stuff, you need to be active on the platform. You must be willing to commit the time and effort it takes to socialize with your followers and consistently share your stuff with your network.

After all, this is a social commerce marketplace. If sharing, liking, following, attending Posh Parties, and commenting is your thing, then you stand to do well on this platform.

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