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Let's Talk About the VALUE We Provide YOUR Reselling Business


So, let's talk about the Poshmark Bot Chatter as of late that some influencers are getting rich by referring people to..


There is no automation that you can use, and you can use until you're blue in the face, that will provide you with free ready to sell inventory, free polymailers, or thank you products to help bring you repeat customers and 5 star ratings MONTHLY. No bot out there can provide the FREE logo and branding that we can. All of the free items we gift to our customers makes the package pay for itself IMMEDIATELY and then the sales you make using our service is the money you reinvest into inventory to make more money and more sales so in all HONESTY we are less than a google extension. Continue reading what else our company can bring to the table and does EVERYDAY.


It is your money and it is your choice if you want to personally download and use a bot rather than use a Poshmark Sharing Virtual Assistant Company like Virtual Posh Assistant. BUT Lets talk about how using our company is actually a BETTER value

1.) Less expensive in the long run

2.) Safe

3.) No robot logo and branding creators provide your CUSTOM marketing images FOR FREE.....

All the buzz lately is great and cute and all, but the reality is our company is the best and better than just some automation, because we provide the human component, caring customer support that as many of you know goes above and beyond to be there for our clients even for non posh related REAL LIFE issues, real time answers (even after we're paid, we aren't in it for the $ we are in it to help you grow beyond what you thought you could AND encourage you the entire way!! We are here to GROW the community in a POSITVE WAY the way Poshmark was created to be. We are here to watch and be proud to see your growth, over the years we have watched our sellers go from 40 - 100 listings and making 1 sale a month here and there to making this a full time income that feeds their kids, pays their bills and in some cases helps to empower them and get them out of negative or abusive situations. We have been there to help you make reservations for your vacations because between your full time jobs, kids and posh business we ALWAYS go that extra mile when you don't have time to, we make that time for you at no cost because WE CARE......again human component that we provide is top notch and we don't need thousands of poshmark sellers to pad our wallets, we need our loyal clients that have been and still are with us for YEARS. With us, you get what you pay for, same as you get with the other companies, you want cheap, you get cheap and your results might seem great and then they will peter out as the newness goes away and the algorithm shoves you down the search. We have seen this for years and people always come back because they come back for our customer support, our perks, and LONG LASTING results.


Over the years (4 years in business) We've talked quite a few of you out of quitting and talked to you with words of encouragement and even gifted free services when your spouses lost their jobs due to covid or pipeline losses, we discounted packages until you found your footing. That's because we care about the person and the client. That's what makes us keep growing, we.are.4 yrs strong in this business and we have been through the rumors, the dramas, the posh crashes and every conspiracy theory people could conceive in their minds, and here we stand Posh Strong 💪 we stand for small business owners and we give you help FOR FREE without clicking on links to get paid extra or selling your courses because we are happy to help you morning, noon and night with ideas and advice and business building tactics


Anybody can take 25 bucks from you and give you a link to click and you can sit and babysit it losing precious business building time in exchange for screen time watching to make sure there are no issues and that's fine and anybody can use a cross listing tool but again that's more screen time that takes away from your family, your business and most of all YOUR SELF. We always encourage our clients and other poshers to utilize the tools set forth by us and others to help them grow, but building a business is so much more than just adding an icon to the top of your computer screen and letting it hopefully work. This is NOT what they meant by working smarter not harder. There is a difference between smarter and lax. Don't lose human touch for cheap clicks.

You are all small business owners regardless of part time or full time, its your money, your time, your business, but when you give up somethings you may be saving a couple extra pennies, but you are giving away a wealth of value to which we provide Our service pays for itself before the first share even happens.......can the competition say that?

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