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How I got started on Poshmark with Zero Dollars and so can YOU!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I have long been interested in reselling and have dabbled with the industry here and there myself over the years.

When we found ourselves with some debt we wanted out from under as soon as possible.

We could certainly find a few side gigs in which we were trading hours for money, but there are only so many hours in the day. You are truly limited when you choose this avenue.

Reselling has been something on my mind a lot lately, but I still had a lot of reservations. As my husband and I were clearing out our closets in preparation for an upcoming community garage sale, we came across several articles of clothing and shoes that were in really great condition and were higher end brands. I was confident we wouldn’t be able to get a good price for these items on the garage sale. In my life I had tossed out and donated and handed down trash bag after trash bag after trash bag of clothing that I had spent my hard earned money on.......why every dollar I spent I worked for I thought, and having a garage sale is great but Seriously. Who’s carrying around 50 bucks in their pocket in case they run across a great pair of boots on a garage sale?

So, I started Thinking about reselling it I’ve sold on eBay before, but not a lot. In my personal experience, either the competition was too high or the buyers’ budget expectations were just too low. No thanks eBay and the thought of meeting up ith strangers in public, no thanks or worse having random people come to my home.

Then, I remembered that I have had success in the past selling shoes for a reasonable price on Poshmark. Poshmark it was for this experiment. I originally signed up for the Poshmark App, because I saw a posh ad on facebook and I remember seeing save 80% off brand names on poshmark, I was like Im awake....I can save 80 % duh ok lol.

Why Sell on the Poshmark App?

There are a few things that drew me to Poshmark:

  • It’s easy: It’s a smartphone app. You’re literally just taking pictures of your items and writing up the description on your phone. No need to even get on your computer.

  • Built-in buyer communityPoshmark reports over 60 million users with 8 million of those users being sellers. That’s a pretty ratio considering you want more buyers than sellers when looking for a marketplace. Poshmark users spend an average of 23-27 minutes in the app every day!

  • Moderated returns: One thing I really don't like about eBay is dealing with returns. Even if it's a bunk return over there, eBay is probably going to force you to accept it. You are also the one that has to do the customer service. On Poshmark, they moderate the return requests. And returns are not allowed for fit. (Yay!) It's a lot harder for scammers to get through this system. The buyer has to show pictures to prove their case. There are also no partial refunds or keep-and-refund – something many eBay scammers have  learned about.

  • Streamlined purchase/shipping process: Once an item is sold, Poshmark emails you a shipping label. Print it. Slap it on the package. Drop it in the mail. You don’t need to go have items weighed or get shipping quotes. It’s a fairly straightforward and easy process.

  • Bargaining encouraged: I make a lot of my sales through offers. Either I offer someone who has liked my item a lower price or the interested party sends me an offer to consider. I always price my items a little above what I’m willing to accept anyway.

  • Social aspect included: This is a blessing and a curse. Poshmark is very “social” with people liking and sharing and commenting. That can be good for sales. But as is often the case in online communities where people are looking to build a presence in order to make money, a tit-for-tat is expected. Someone likes your new listing, they expect you to like one of theirs in return.

  • Tax remittance included: Though I have been self-employed for 12 years now, taxes still scare the living daylights out of me. And the new sales tax across state lines laws only made those fears worse. Honestly, it’s the one thing that has kept me away from online reselling for so many years. Posh Remit collects and remits sales tax on all marketplace purchases so sellers don’t have to worry about it at all. Thank goodness!


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