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Updated: Feb 2

Wow so we love it when we see Pop Ups from the likes of Ashton Kutcher, DJ Kahlid and his wife Nicole as well as Serena Williams.

But did you know there are a bunch of celebrities that are actively on poshmark with their own personal poshmark closets? I am going to list a pretty accurate list below and I know I personally spoke to two possible "celebrities" that are considering taking the leap to selling on Poshmark (fingers crossed because their wardrobes are FIRE seriously and they LOVE shopping)

So Lets get on to the closets on poshmark that are currently being shared and selling. ( I will not be posting on stale celebrity closets and I have gone and checked every closet to make sure they are active and not totally sold out) I will also post their websites as well if they are active. Remember Poshers, these are the closets that you will want to follow and then the best way to establish a larger following on poshmark for customers and an audience is to follow the people that follow the celebrity closets ;)

  1. aliciadimichele Alicia Dimichele Mob Wives

  2. ashtonkutcher Ashton Kutcher Actor

  3. (he has no current listings but he does do pop up events that Poshmark HQ will announce on their blog)

  4. ariannyceleste Arianny Celeste UFC Octagon Girl


  6. bloggerashlee Ashlee Frazier-Williams Bachelor- Season 17


  8. amanda_stantonn Amanada Stanton Bachelor Season 20, Actress

  9. brittanyfurlan Brittany Furlan Internet Personality


  11. camilamtv Camila Nakagawa MTV


  13. cradziwill Carol Radiswell Real House Wives NYC

  14. girliegarage Caitlin Rose Food Network Worst Cook’s In America

  15. clheekz Christine S Radio City Rockette


  17. colympios Corinne Olympios Bachelor – Season 21

  18. misslombardyyy Danielle lombard Bachelor – Season 21


  20. daniellemonaro Danielle Monaro Elvis Duran show

  21. DJ Khaled DJ Khaled Music Professional / Fashion / Actor

  22. dorinda_medley Doredia Medley Real House Wives NYC

  23. Ecm9 Emma McDonald YouTuber

  24. mrylan Emme Rylan Actress

  25. shopevagutowski Eva Gutowsk YouTuber


  27. mrsamartin Arlene Martin Nascar Drive Mark Martins Wife

  28. fsbyfarrah Farrah Abraham Teen Mom – MTV

  29. h_fergie11 Haley & Emily Bachelor – Season 20

  30. heathermarter Heather Marter MTV

  31. helenowen Helen Owen UK Model

  32. hollyannaree Holly Ann-AeRee YouTuber, Influencer

  33. jada420closet Jada Stevens Adult Film Celebrity

  34. thejennajameson Jenna Jameson Adult Film Celebrity

  35. jennacooperfit Jenna Copper Bachelor – Season 22

  36. jessahinton Jessa Hinton Actress-(Baywatch, 7th Heaven)

  37. mtvjess Jessica Mccain MTV

  38. jcimorelli Jill Cimorelli Actress

  39. Juliasokolowski Julia Sokolowski Survivor Cast Member

  40. theheigls Katherine Heigl A List Actress (her closet is sold out but she is a featured Celebrity Pop Up Event participant and you want to follow her followers

  41. kellyannejudd Kelly Anne Judd MTV

  42. krissafowles Krissa Fowles Actress

  43. kristenmcatee Kristen Mcatee Youtuber

  44. landonclements Landon Clements Southern Charm- Bravo TV

  45. mtbushnell Lauren & Molly Bachelor – Season 20

  46. laurendrainfit Laruen Kagen Fitness Model

  47. madapplepie Maddison Playboy Model

  48. memacdonald Maggie Macdonald YouTuber

  49. mwestmore Mckenzie Westmore Actress

  50. miamoreshop Mia Mattews Actress

  51. meeshbomb Michelle Visage Rupaul’s Drag Race

  52. naomiboyer Naomi Boyer YouTuber, Fashion Blogger

  53. Mmatchmaker Patti Stranger The Millionaire Matchmaker


  55. paulabeck77 Paula Beckert MTV

  56. reagangomez Reagan Gomez Actress

  57. rachaelray Rachael Ray Tv Personality, Chef

  58. Her Closet is a Charity Closet and is currently Sold out but is a Pop Up Event

  59. sarahherron Sarah Herron Bachelor


  61. imsarahrice Sarah Patterson MTV & Podcaster


  63. seinnefleming Seinne Fleming Bachelor – Season 22

  64. serenawilliams Serena Williams Tennis Star & Poshmark HQ Board

  65. schultzzie Sierra Schultzzie YouTube Vlogger

  66. scanon Suxanne Canon Owner Infinity Raine

  67. tawnykitaen Tawany Kitean Model & Actress

  68. trishp88 Trisha Paytas Youtube & Media Personality

  69. victoriarafaeli Victoria Rafaeli Big Bother

  70. @EclecticSwan Jennifer Prince (Patten) The Swan Season 2


59. @dojacat Doja Cat Actress, Singer, Songwriter

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